Monday, May 2, 2011

You can always regret something

But as you know, I try to choose not to.

So, this weekend I was in Yosemite, and had leftover cupcakes from the birthday celebration for my friend’s wife. I was going to bring them all home to M, but noticed a bunch of climbers sorting gear either before or after doing El Capitan. I walked over: “This is going to sound kind of weird, but I was wondering if you wanted some cupcakes.” They were ALL over them. One guy said he wished he had his camera to capture the moment. I felt bad for one dude who didn’t want one. He may have been vegetarian or vegan or gluten free, and I should have offered him an orange or a gluten free brownie that I happened to have in the car. Ah well, at least a couple enjoyed.

Other moments from the weekend:
- did ONE 2-3 pitch climb that should have taken 2 hours and it took us 4-5 because of the incredibly slow climbers ahead of us. Apparently they timed the woman breaking down the belay station and it took her 30 minutes just to do that. I was waiting there to set up the anchor to bring people up, so I didn't notice. But my god, that's a long time. But, at least there's amazing views while you sit and wait. It was a great climb btw, and also we benefitted because they had just set up the rappel (through a stream/waterfall) and they let us use their rope. My friends were very uptight by that point because their wives had given them 4 hours or so away from the kids and it ended up being 6. Below are the irritated men.

- a bear broke into someone's car at the campsite near us
- apparently rock fell in the middle of the night (spring freeze/thaw cycle)
- it was rather surreal to hear the grind of the big garbage truck heading towards the dumpster, the lifting of the dumpster, the big bang bang bang, and lowering of the dumpster interspersed with blaring music: John Denver singing Leaving on a Jet Plane.

And finally,,,

I can regret not checking the lens to see if it was dirty so I wouldn't have had the fuzzy spot in the photo, but then my picture is unique... A study in contrasts, that's it!!!


laura b. said...

After all, there isn't a lot of point to regret, right? What's done is done.

I guess the delay thing must happen in climbing from time to time. Seems like a sport that requires some well as other skills I lack!

Love the photo. I think the fuzzy spot adds a little something...

Mel said...

I like the fuzzy photo!

But I like the cupcake story best. I bet they WERE all about the cupcakes. What a cool thing to do.

Pamela said...

Laura, so easy to say, not always so easy to do. And delay happens quite often. Sometimes I'm the one delaying and I always feel such pressure!!!
Mel, thanks! You know, I had to pull together my courage to walk over there. Funny how that was.

Churlita said...

Gorgeous pics. And I bet those climbers loved. All I want every day is for someone to offer me a cupcake...Okay. That's not all I want, but it's something I want.