Monday, August 29, 2011

Gloria, Irene

Reading about Irene made me remember my experience with Gloria. Back in 1985 I think? I was at school, and working as a resident counselor for my university. So, being in charge (with others) we had to keep everyone calm. Pft. Wasn't an issue. The worst thing that happened was that one of the drunk freshmen graffitied the wall with GLORIA on it. I can't quite remember if we ever figured out who did it. It was pretty exciting though looking out at the wind/rain from my room on the 4th floor!

OK, well, that was a lame story.

My poor family is in Maine right now in a cabin on a lake with no power, which means no water too. Let's see, they have 8 people in this cabin. Yes, it could be worse. They are able to use lake water to flush the toilet, and have borrowed coolers for keeping stuff cold. And it's sunny now. So I think everyone is ok. The general store has a bacon and egg sandwich for my mom, and apparently they are giving away free coffee for those without power. That's nice.

So, should I drive up to Seattle for a week? I'm still waffling. I'm going to Tuolumne Sept 10/11 so I have to be back by Sept. 8 to keep myself sane. And I can't leave until Wed after class (9:00 pm). Sigh. I don't know what to do.

OH. The Stuffed and Unstrung was really cool. It was so interesting to see how the muppets are coordinated, and it was improv, so it was damn funny because they were good comics too. I had gone with someone I knew from my old job back east who now lives nearby. She and her husband. Both great people, and we went out for wine and cheese afterwards. So nice to have a night on the town...

Back to my day.


laura b. said...

Your story is better than any hurricane story I could tell...never been in a hurricane!

Also, sure, go up to Seattle for a few days :-) I like the way you are always somewhere, because I am never anywhere.

laura b. said...

Oh, and I meant to say, I'm glad your family is okay.

Tara said...

Eight people in a cabin without any electricity makes me cringe. I hope they get it back soon!

silly rabbit said...

I am thankful that everyone seems to be doing okay for the most part after Irene.
I could see college kids throwing a storm party. =:]
I would have loved to have seen the muppeteers! What fun.
Have an adventure! Go!

Mel said...

I'd hate you, but that's disallowed. :-/


.....fine.....JUST fine.....