Monday, August 8, 2011

Staying the course

Oh, I have so much to catch up on... I miss you all! And miss puking out my life here. :-)

But a metaphor. Perhaps.

Did this traverse this past weekend. 3 pitches of it. Glorious glorious climb.

- On a traverse, you must not only move forward and protect yourself, but be sure to place enough gear to protect your follower.
- You are going horizontally, but some sections are way harder than others. You have to move forward though. And it's so satisfying when you are successful.
- You can't complete it without your partner. (unless of course you free solo, but that's another story).
- You get bonus points for stylin'


Tara said...

Wow, that is awesome! I like hearing about your rock climbing excursions!

silly rabbit said...

That looks so high! And so impossible to do! But what a view... stunning.

laura b. said...

Cannot. Even. Imagine. I love reading about your rock climbing too!

Mel said...


It's beautiful from the ground?


Pamela said...

Thanks Tara!
SR - It's all a question of where you take the photo...Looking out over a beautiful valley. It was amazing.
Laura, ah, you dont' need to imagine because you can see here!
Mel: It's beautiful everywhere...