Thursday, August 18, 2011

Gotta read this one slowly

Quotes from The Autograph Man, by Zadie Smith

"Instead of his life being shaped like a funnel, though which things passed and maybe refined themselves, it was more like--what do you call those things? Stress balls? Made all out elastic bands and each day you add another elastic band? Tighter. Bigger. More involved. That's how it was for him. And that's how he imagined the life of a Catholic, anyway." (p 53-54)

"Sometime Alex thought that if you got all the part-time mature students in the world and laid them head to tow around the line of the equator strapped down in some way they couldn't move, that would be a good thing. Ditto anyone in night class." (p 74)

That second one is best in context, but still might be good if you read it like this.
BTW, this is the woman who wrote The White Teeth.


Churlita said...

Yes. I read The White Teeth, but I haven't read any of her other stuff.

laura b. said...

I'm intrigued.

silly rabbit said...

Now there are a couple of interesting lines!

Mel said...

Oh....I rather liked the first one.

I could feel it when I read it.

Tara said...

I liked the first quote too!

NoRegrets said...

Churlita, this is really interesting. The bits are at least.

Yeah, the rest of you... the first is the best... but there are a lot in there.