Wednesday, August 31, 2011

radio name/drive/the cloud

So, I thought I had a good name. Spunky! Until M pointed out that in Britain it's a term for Sea Men. (say it out loud). OK, maybe not.

Not going to do the drive. I need to focus on my job search. And it was getting too tight in terms of timing. And I'm obsessing about my tire balancing (silly me).

Right now listening to keynote for's conference Dreamscape. It's free online. And learning about the Cloud and using social media / social enterprise. Trying to get up to speed with the world. There are a bunch of things for free, like this. Very very interesting. It's kind of a big commercial, but that's ok. Not sure I need to be there in person, but I'll see.

Life moves along!


Anonymous said...

How about Sparky instead? It doesn't have any second meanings that I'm aware of, plus it'll be ironic if you some day decide to dedicate your life to pyromania or arson.

laura b. said...

I agree...Sparky is cute and has a similar feel as Spunky (without the spunk).
Life surely does move along...

Pamela said...

HMWT - Woof is all I have to say.

Laura - Bark bark to you. Is all I have to see.

But thanks for the idea! :-)

I'm actually really excited after last night's class!

silly rabbit said...

Don't use "Fanny" either. That means some part of female anatomy down under. Ha! The female part is down under and so is "down under". Ok, so I'm easily amused.
Focusing on getting a job is number one around here too. I understand. Find work and play later is a good way to go.
The class sounds like something worth looking into.

Churlita said...

I totally get sticking around and getting a job. I hope that goes well for you.