Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Adventures in SF

After some freak out crying this morning, I pulled out my steadiness and had my second interview and it went very well. Meaning mostly that I liked the dialogue and learned some good things about the organization / people. And I feel like I could work there. A good sign was that they offered me some gourmet chocolate... and though I didn't take it at the beginning, I got one before I left. Not that I need it... Since last time I didn't think I did well and I got a second interview, I won't begin to guess how it's going. Though they did ask me for references...

Standing outside the building talking on the phone, a guy came up to me to tell me that he liked my boots. Then I saw an old guy with shoulder length grey hair and line drawings on his smiling face wheel by in his wheelchair (and no legs). Then soon thereafter I saw twin homeless women - dressed alike even - walking by.

Of course, when it rains there are a few other raindrops. I have no other solid leads, but did get connected to another organization from someone I talked with yesterday, and one guy I've been in contact with wants to discuss a business proposition with me AND others (yes, it sounded fishy at first... but it isn't... I think).

So, I'm tired now. Too much excitement... :-)


silly rabbit said...

Gee, no one ever offers me gourmet chocolate! It certainly would tempt me into wanting to return.
Asking for your references is a great sign! They wouldn't bother if they weren't interested. Yay!
Lol about the setting outside... only in SF! Its the best place on earth to people watch. LA is a close second.
Get some rest, you've earned it!

laura b. said...

Congrats on a good second interview....and on your other leads too! Seems like things are starting to come together in the employment aspect of life. Way to go!

Churlita said...

Well, that sounds like good excitement at least. I kind of miss San Fran crazies.