Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Since I was in NJ, I got to spend some time with my nieces, A (10) and E (12). Let's see...
- E is a ballet nut and built to dance. She showed me what it's like to be en pointe - in the kitchen (put on her shoes). I didn't know it was so 'clop clop'-y. It looks hard! But it certainly makes the legs look great. A has a completely different body type - more like mine. She's great at sports, but it's funny to see her try and dance. SO not for her.
- A showed me the earring she has, and was fooling around with them. It's magnetic, so she put it in her nose, and on her cheek. Didn't work so well on the tongue. In fact, I'm a bad aunt for suggesting she try it. Very well could have swallowed. But o well if she did - it would come out later.
- We played some version of charades with props - not for points, but just to do it. E did a great job with the 60's. She makes a great hippie. Neither one of them knew any of the ones from the 80's!
- Speaking of which, kind of, neither one likes the muppets. A thinks they are freaky. OH NO!
- One thing I was amazed at - we were sitting at the dinner table eating our souffle (!! my sister is a cook) and A and my sister were across from E and me. They started laughing and we didn't know why. Finally A said that I had something hanging from my nose. I was amazed that they would just laugh and not tell me. A even noted that she hates when people do that to her. Oh well. I let it slide, but obviously it still bothers me a little.
- The day before they were to leave, E apparently wanted to sleep in her own bed (which I had been using). My sister asked me earlier in the evening about where I wanted to be but worded it in a way that it was clear that E wanted to sleep there, but it wasn't a direct statement. I kind of ignored that, and later when the kids went upstairs, I told my sister that I wanted to sleep in the bed, and if E wanted to, she could ask me herself. I heard murmerings upstairs, and then E comes down to ask. It was fine, though a little rude to a guest. Again, not a big deal though.

It was wonderful seeing them. I for sure will see them in the spring as my friend is having a wedding party. So I look forward to that.


laura b. said...

Your nieces sound great and you must be the fun aunt :) Sounds like you all have a good time when you're together.

silly rabbit said...

You do sound like a fun aunt! I bet they were a lot of entertainment. And a joy.

Oh no to the nose thing. That is so embarrassing!

As for the bed thing, parenting has changed over the years. My mother would have died if I had asked her to boot a guest from my bed and told me a firm "no way".

Recent trends have been to give children more of a voice about what they want. Its supposed to make them into people who do not feel they have to do what others want, and free to make guilt free choices.

I happen to believe that is a crock. But that's my personal opinion. No offense to your sister.
To me that is a matter of teaching manors as well as respect.

NoRegrets said...

Laura, I was going to say the only aunt, but there is one on their dad's side... but yes, I'm the fun one. :-)

SR - Yeah, well, I was a bit surprised that that happened. But I'm glad at least that I held my ground for making her ask me. And if it came down to it she would not have a choice, I would like to think.