Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Movin' right along

I missed posting on 11/11/11! at 11:11. That would have been a way to mark the day/time. I had the great idea of sending myself a postcard from J-tree (where I was) but the 11th was a postal holiday. Arg! Even so, I think my date/time is eastern zone, so I would have had to post at 8:11... way too complicated and not about to get up early when we got into J-tree at 2 AM.

I spent some hours though in the AM at the local Starbucks. It's really a gathering place which is kind of cool. Though I'm hoping that soon people move to the old Water Canyon Cafe which is now Ma Rouge. They are local and nice and need the business.

Highlights from my weekend:
- buying and cooking a turkey in a bag as M will not really have a Thanksgiving this year. I'm going to the east to see my family and connect it with a business trip. He's not sure what he's doing yet (is any guy ever certain of what he's doing until he's doing it? most men I know don't plan).
- going for a short 1 mile hike that brought incredible views of the storms all around.
- losing my camera on said hike or someplace after that, about which I am VERY sad. I have hopes of finding it, or someone finding it, but I don't have any identifying info on it so it's easier for someone to just keep it if they find it, despite all the personal photos on there (I tend to not delete my photos!).
- climbing a 5.5 and getting spanked. The first pitch was a chimney and I am NOT used to chimneys. I did it though, and in the end was glad. But I have really nasty knees right now, and I would take a photo if I had my camera... :-( We then went and top-roped another climb
- doing work

Apparently the org called one reference on Friday, and another today, so things are moving along. People are saying nice things about me, which is good. I feel so bad and am amazed --> One reference - her sister just died a couple weeks ago, and her brother just died today AND she gave a reference for me this morning! I am so hoping it was before she knew about her brother.

OK, work calls...


silly rabbit said...

I missed posting at that time too.

I agree most men don't plan ahead that much. Randy does... his whole fam is that way. His plans don't always jive with mine. It can be frustrating. I love roasting bags! That was sweet of you to provide that for him.

Oh... I am so sorry for your friend who lost two siblings! What a trooper to give you a good reference.

laura b. said...

Oooh, sorry about your camera. That sucks. I hate losing things. Sometimes they make their way back to you though.
Sounds like they are dead serious about you at that job! Great news...and of course you are getting excellent references. Very sad about your friend and her family.
Hope you guys enjoyed your early turkey and that you both have a great Thanksgiving!

3GKnight said...

Sorry about the camera. That stinks. More sorry about your reference losing her sister and brother like that. Very sad. Hope the rest of the selection process goes well for you.