Sunday, September 9, 2012


Grave last night/this morning.  It is so good to be back. And I only have three more to go - woo hoo!  but boy will I need them. Made much mistakes. And damn I'm tired. But it's nice to reach out and do something I like. Can only worry about life the universe and everything for so long.

Last week at work I was sitting at my desk when hop plop a grasshopper landed on my desk. Jumped up and squealed. This, mind you, is a cubicle in an open concept office. So everyone was very startled and concerned. Until I explained and pointed. And then they laughed and walked off, and it jumped again, and I squealed again. I hate jumping things.  So I was on edge, especially after moving my two bags and emptying them out outside to get rid of the cricket and not finding it. But I calmed down.

Next shot in the movie: woman steps out of shower to get her towel and there sitting in a perfect view is a criket. SQUEAL!

Last weekend was the culmination of me not wanting to be open to anyone or anything. Not sure why I went to visit a friend.  But today I am better.  Helps that today was sunny in SF - sat down by the boats with a friend and had brunch.

Yawn... bed is calling me.


laura b. said...

Your radio show, right? I bet it is fun to do something you really want to be doing.
I am very startled by insects of any kind...I would have definitely shrieked :)

silly rabbit said...

I don't like bugs that jump either! I scream at spiders and anything, including the man, that jumps out at me.
You have such an interesting life! I think radio would be so much fun.

Pamela said...

Yep, the radio show. It was indeed a lot of fun. And anyone can do radio!!!

Bugs suck... :-)