Friday, October 18, 2013


So my psychiatrist recommended I look into DBT.  Dialectical Behavior Therapy.  Which is like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy but different. Click the link and find out.

Happily there's someone near me who practices it, so I'm going to try. I went today and she seemed pretty good. The problem is that the approach deals with really focusing on what you are doing and analyzing it. Arg. I have to go back to that.

See, today I started thinking about / freaking out about the possibility of losing my job. Where would I go? What could I ever do? Anxiety rose... If I wasn't able to push it away, I would have been lost in the spiral of despair. So I fear getting lost in the spiral. But hopefully part of the learning is learning how not to. I assume so. 


Mel said...

Yes, much like CBT it's a 'problem/solution' focus, and teaching of skills--homework included. It's one of those therapies that actually have a time line to ending. Unlike some therapies that keep ya coming back for a lifetime!
I've always thought remaining 'open' to a different way of doing things was a good plan, period. You never know what you'll discover, yaknow? Good luck!

laura b. said...

I don't know about different types of therapies, but reading about CBT was very interesting.

Bobby said...

It all goes back to Buddhist stuff. Not the religious stuff, the practical stuff -- the practiceable stuff. Everything I read about CBT said that they are just drawing on ancient wisdom...kind of updating it a bit.

Acceptance. Saying yes to what is. You can't say no to it because it's already here. Ah, don't get me started, ha.