Thursday, November 19, 2009


I'm surprised I can write this many updates, but it will soon end until this weekend. Next 48 hours will be BUSY.
- I"m feeling better thank you. Finally remembered that I like to take Zicam, and that has helped. In addition, I had the chance to rest a couple times in a day - even 10-15 minutes helps a lot. Especially after an evening where I was waking up every hour to blow my nose or something. I remember looking at the clock and seeing that it was only 12:45 am and thinking holy crap, this night sucks. I also got rid of the feather pillows and that helped a lot. Didn't know I was a little allergic.
- Go an email and I"m considered a finalist. Not sure what it says that it just makes me think and have a bunch of questions vs. be excited. But, it's helpful one of our sessions was on leadership and it's good to hear people who are at really high levels say how they got there. This might be one of those times for me. But I also have in my head the words of my friend, who said that men are more likely to push for something and then when get it, say WTF - how am I going to do it, but then get on to doing it. And it would be good for women/me to do that too.
- Got to go by Torrance's shop (Raw Dawg). It was a much longer walk than I expected and just bought something and said hello. His daughter was there and she's a PISTOL. Very cute though.
- I really don't like what I've experienced in Atlanta. It's an odd place. Of course, judging it by being a conference is not fair... The streets are empty around here. I did, as I mentioned, go for a lonnnng walk yesterday. Didn't see many white people, which isn't an issue for me, but went through a few sketchy areas and it's hard to not stand out. I only had to pay off one person to leave me alone (smart man - asked for 3.80 bus fare - so how could I just give him a dollar?). He was walking alongside and determined to continue - even picked up his belongings in his cardboard box to carry along.
- I'm very happy they have a decent gym here. I'm very happy that when soemone asked me in the elevator where the gym was but they meant sports bar, that I knew where the gym was and not the sports bar. I'm excited that I've been practicing kneeling on one of those big exercise balls and I'm starting to be able to (my trainer had had me try and it and I kept falling off... so of course it was a challenge for me). I guess it looks interesting because my boss was in the gym this am and watched me do it and commented 'awesome'. I still have to do it by a wall because I'm not stable enough yet. But man it's a workout.
- Please give me strength to not kill the people I'm meeting with for 7 hours over the next few days.


Susan said...

Sending you strength.

Ananda girl said...

Sounds to me like you are on a positive roll! Cool beans... best of luck!

laura b. said...

Thinking good thoughts! Sounds like you are having a time there in GA. You will be in CA sometime soon, won't you?

Mel said...

- Please give me strength to not kill the people I'm meeting with for 7 hours over the next few days.

(AMEN!!...and if there's any left over--YOU know I need it. Ty and AMEN again.)

Could be worse, yaknow--could be in Alabama? ;-)