Tuesday, November 10, 2009

so wrong

I'm sorry, but I find it incredibly wrong to hear a child say - I'm so excited. I've only ever had a fat daddy. I can't wait until it's my turn [to shine? - I forget the exact words]. Not the words about having a fat daddy - though that's a little rude. It's more seeing her, and she's 7 or 8, and really overweight, and if I'm interpreting her correctly, wanting to be on the Biggest Loser? I have to have taken that wrong. It can't be correct. It is not something to look forward to.

The title is also appropriate for my behavior. I'm a hothead. If I'm doing something wrong biking, I fully accept any consequences that may ensue. Like riding the wrong way down a road. Or riding without a helmet - even a short distance. But if I'm doing the right things and you honk at me, watch out, if I can catch you. Tonight I was biking in the roadway, on the side, with headlight and tail light and reflective vest and reflective bike bags, and I have the right of way, and the cars coming along the off ramp have a yield sign, and the car honks at me because I don't stop for it. Her.

How do I know it's a her? Because she got caught at the left turn light, and so I rode up and slapped her window. No matter what she said, all I said was YOU HAD THE YIELD SIGN. I eventually left - I would have parked myself in front of or on top of her car, had there not been other cars behind her and I didn't want them to have to pay for her sin. Yeah yeah, I'm over the top and not proud of it. This is my confession area. At least some of my sins.


radicalmom said...

i would have too!! riding around with my 6-month old son in his kid seat; some guy decided to turn right in to a parking lot..... DID NOT SEE ME OR WAIT FOR ME TO GO STRAIGHT. JUST CUT ME OFF!! (that 6-month old is now 26 yrs old, but i remember that day vividly..) a.

Susan said...

The road where you turn to get where I currently live people have to come off a ramp to get somewhere. (It's hard to explain) Anyway, they have a yield.

Now ask me how often they actually yield and how often I almost get hit because I'll be damned if I'm letting them push me out of my lane.

Churlita said...

Good for you. Maybe she'll be more careful next time.

laura b. said...

I admire a hothead who follows through. I can be angry, but I don't express it because of my fear of confrontation.

NoRegrets said...

Radical mom - wow. Scary.

Susan - if you stare straight ahead they go away. ;-)

Churlita, I doubt it. I wish I had yelled - go back to driving school!

Laura, don't egg me on. :-)

Sebastien said...

People have a hard time accepting that bicyclists have rights on the road. Good for you for sticking up for the bikers of the world!