Thursday, November 12, 2009


I'm so sorry. I've actually gotten a lot of spam recently, so I'm putting on comment password crap for a little while. It's funny - it all seems to come to the Pillsbury Doughboy post I had up over a year ago. I was going to do comment moderation for comments over 30 days, but thought that would be a pain. Actually...I think I will do that. I'd rather have the pain than force you to write passwords. OK, off I go to do that.

I should have done so many things tonight. Instead I went climbing for a little bit, came home, ate dinner and watched the end of Bones and all of Supernatural. How dare I have a normal do nothing evening when I have a clothes swap coming up on Saturday and my place is a mess and I have to pack for Atlanta, where I will be all next week starting Sunday, and I have an interview on Sunday right before I leave for Atlanta! Actually, the fact that the house was 53 degrees had something to do with that, so I actually turned on the heat. Too late though!

Oh well. Guess I should go to bed now and prepare for my crazy life coming up.


Susan said...

I'm very excited for you!!

laura b. said...

An interview on Sunday? How very untraditional. Best with that and have a great time in Atlanta!

Churlita said...

Woo Hoo! Knock 'em dead in the interview...Figuratively speaking, of course.

Mel said...

I must be doing something wrong or...maybe right? I don't get spam. Maybe twice in many years have I had the weblog?!

Holy buckets.....'ll be okay--it's a few days off!

And we turned the furnace on weeks ago. BUT!! We did have a reprieve with 69 degree days.
A brief one, but a reprieve none the less!!

*sending confident thoughts*
Interviews tend to make that a necessity--

Good luck!!

Sebastien said...

sounds like craziness! good luck.

And I don't mind having to type in passwords. I think I have 'em on my site.