Thursday, December 3, 2009

Another short one

Went out to a movie with a woman I'm trying to make friends with. Was fun.

I visited my cousin in Los Angeles. Haven't seen her in years and years. Before even I was married. But she's great and so is her husband.

Turns out she's a mirror of me.
- depressed in the past
- became irritable too
- marriage was on the rocks
- got medication - exact same medication
- waking up at 4 am every morning

Big differences:
- she and her husband realized they really belonged together and have been working to make it work
- she doesn't have as good a psychiatrist, and thus is still on an antidepressant, but also on a sleeping pill because of the 4 am waking (she's making an appointment to tell her psych what my info is)

It was so validating. Amazing how similar. It does run in the family.


Susan said...

It's good you got to catch up!

radicalmom said...

i DO read these, just don't post a response. : >)

Ananda girl said...

Sounds like a good trip. It is nice to hear that others understand from experience... and share theirs.

laura b. said...

Makes me wish I knew more people in my family. I do think we share things we'd never think of.

Mel said...

New friends and being validated--both good things!

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Churlita said...

I love it when I see someone who is going through much of the same things I am. It's so nice to know I'mnot the only one.