Monday, December 14, 2009

Bell ringing - Salvation Army

I should be working, but had to share. I volunteered to stand out side and be a Salvation Army person this weekend. Only for 1 hour. Ringing the bell. Although I drove myself nuts with the sound of the bell, it was a neat experience. I felt a little crazy when I first started, in part because noone was around. And I stood there ringing. Eventually people walked by, since I was next to a UPS store. I tried to just smile - not be aggressive, since 'tis not the season to be aggressive.

Slowly people started going by and dropping money in. The best experience was always when a parent got a kid to put money in. One kid (2 yo?) put it in and was fascinated by my ringing. When she came out of the store I let her ring my second small bell. She stood there holding it and ringing and was so cute. And let me tell you, child labor rocks! Several people who were nearby gave BILLS (including I think a $10 bill) while she stood there. It was an unexpected benefit from the experience - I had only intended to make the child happy.

Lesson learned from the day: I will never pass by a bell ringer again without giving money. Though I may critique their form.


Tara said...

You could say things like, ", no, no, you're ringing the bell wrong. It's all in the wrist." Actually that volunteer experience sounds fun! I think I could be a Salvation Army bell ringer.

laura b. said...

That may be one of those things that everyone should try out at one time.
People are such suckers for cute little kids :-)

Churlita said...

That's so great. I try to always have change in my pocket to throw in there this time of year.

Mel said...

Awww.... Funny enough, himself says that's the best part of the season--showing up in the snow and sleet to ring the bell.

Very cool thing to get to do. :-)

Sebastien said...

There should be a place where one can rent kids. No busker can become rich without a cute kid at their side :)

NoRegrets said...

Tara, I'd likely get punched!

Laura, it is indeed eye opening.

Churlita, I now have change always.

Mel, I may do it eveyr year now.

From the TV commercial - you can rent puppies to meet a girl!