Monday, December 21, 2009


So, I'm visiting my brother and in the dream he lives in a high building with office building type windows (flat, not openable, or so I thought). I was near the window and I realize it opens. And I'm hanging onto the sill, which is very narrow, and realize the building is leaning, and thus there is a possibility that I might fall out / I get vertigo. So I'm freaking out, can't move, even though my brother is trying to get me to move. But I'm freaked.

And then the building starts bending over like it's a straw, and I tell my brother to hang on, and I see somehow another place in the building getting upended. And the building comes back up straight and I realized that it was a dream and I made the building bend over and come back up to see that I could survive this really horrible thing, so I felt perfectly comfortable letting go of the window and stepping away from it.

Hmm... can you tell there's stuff going on in my life? Which I will indeed share, before the end of the year. It's another reason I'm not writing as much. But I think of you all and hope you are well.


Ananda girl said...

You get vertigo and you climb? Brave!

But doesn't it seem that the dream is telling you that you are in control? That's pretty cool.

laura b. said...

Yes, I think Ananda seems like she has it...your world may be unpredictable, but you are in charge!

Mel said...

Now how cool is that?!



crazy4coens said...

You are the master of your universe :-)

Churlita said...

That's how I am in dreams too. I never die. I think it means we're both super into self-preservation. Nothing wrong with that.

Can't wait to hear your news.

Tara said...

I love it when I can change the outcome of my weird dreams!