Tuesday, December 8, 2009

small thought

My pulse beats on my wrist as I hold my head in my hands, reminding me that life goes on.

[let me note though it may sound like it from the above, I am not depressed]


Churlita said...

...And that you're still alive. it's a gift. Let's run with it and go out and play.

Stray Cat said...

This "small thought" is actually a big breakthrough in accessing contentment. The pulsation of the breath and the heart beat are gifts: "a timeless essence inside a moment of time."

lablahblah said...

Doesn't sound like depression...more like introspection. And that's a good thing.

Silindile Ntuli said...

It sounds beautiful

Pamela said...

Play in the snow?

Stray, yes. Indeed.

La... - a bit, yes.

Silindile - thanks for visiting. I thought it was kinda poetic.