Thursday, April 1, 2010

Doors and windows open

I'm working from home today, woo hoo!. Have doors and windows open, and Billy is asleep on my bed and not bothering me right now.

The reason I stayed home is to get a carpet estimate for my basement, and I added handyman too. Carpet - well, I really want to get an indoor/outdoor with no padding so it can come up if it floods. Home Depot and Lowes do not install without padding, so I had to look elsewhere. From recommendations I found a family-owned business that has been great so far with all my questions. The owner is coming by today so we'll see what he says. It'll be more expensive than the chain stores, but I think worth it.

Handyman, well, my handyman has to work and do so much other stuff (it's M btw), that I hired a guy for a day. He's done stuff at my house before. Good good guy and decently priced I think, though I have no other experience with handymen. Except the free ones that later become your life partner... In any event, he's putting in the molding that's been missing for almost two years in my dining room and kitchen. He's building an enclosure around the electrical box in the basement that we had torn out when I moved in because it was so ugly and not very practical (some triangle weird thing in the corner). And mounting a towel bar/small cabinet over the toilet that I got at Walmart, and mounting my toilet paper holder, and maybe even putting my railing back in my hallway. Soooo excited.

Given such things, I may have to work until the end of May. M and I have still be throwing around how we want to do this. And so I could start renting mid-June or July 1 and it would give us leeway. Found out my COBRA is not so bad as I feared so that's good news too. I still vacillate between renting and selling (there's such doom and gloom forecast for the next year or two!!), but it's really tipping over to renting.

Oh, btw, M got 2 maybe 3 offers on his house! So that's exciting. One was full price, with contingencies of course. So, we'll see how that goes. It's amazing how nice they made it look.

OK, gotta work. Enjoy your day!


Tara said...

I'm glad that my cat has a private spot under the bed where she goes to nap without any interruptions. Otherwise she sleeps on my bed when I'm on the computer and just asks to be pet.

laura b. said...

Great to get a chance to enjoy this beautiful day, even with work and home projects.

Churlita said...

I need a handy man. Seriously. I would love to have someone who could just take care of all the little things that need taking care of in my house. Too bad you have to pay them and that I don't have any money. Actually, I'd love to be able to do all that stuff myself, I just don't have those skillz.

Tera said...

Churlita...these days I need a plumber ;-)

Um M the "object?" Ooohhh...spice in the life!