Wednesday, December 14, 2011

It's winter

I'm trying to make it continue to feel like Christmas. This was a photo I took last year at Mt. Diablo. There was snow up it was a zoo... because it's rather rare that there's snow within an hour of San Francisco.

In my house, since this was supposed to be temporary rental location, I don't have much at all - it's all packed. My rosemary Christmas tree from last year is outside and has doubled in size, but I won't bring that inside since last time I brought the grass inside for Billy a ton of little bugs invaded our house. So I have a jade plant that I hung an ornament on (was free at some flea market). I also found some reddish small branchy things that have red little balls at end of branches, so I'll put that on the jade plant, and maybe some outside. I also like to hang any cards I get.

So, doing what I can. And others too... One thing that was great. I was returning from an interview yesterday and on the exit ramp someone had decorated a small tree on the side. Brought a smile to my face.

Happy Holidays!


3GKnight said...

Listen to lots of Christmas music! Since I don't decorate much, it's the best thing to get me in the mood.

silly rabbit said...

We don't have a tree yet. Maybe today. We are going to hang lights on the outside of the house too. We always used to put our cards around the front door way, framing it.

I love it when you run across unexpected things like the freeway exit tree.

That is a beautiful picture! Because I grew up in Fresno, I never thought of snow as being a Christmas event... until I moved to Oregon. It really does help with the Christmas magic.

laura b. said...

That photo is very winter-y!

I like your decorating ideas. For me, as my kids have gotten older my trees have gotten smaller. Now that I'm in an apt. I just have a little artificial tree. That, a string of snowflake lights in my window, and hanging the cards are all I do to decorate.

Mel said...

The photo is gorgeous!

Oh, we're decorated to the Nth--hewholovesholidays has continued to put all sorts of things here and there and everywhere.

*laughing* I'm good with that. He who puts it out--puts it back!

(good in theory, anyway...LOL)

Churlita said...

With the two cats. it will probably just be easier not to have a tree this year. I will still hang stockings for the girls on Christmas Eve though.

Amazing photo.