Monday, December 5, 2011


M and I did some trail work Saturday AM. There were a ton of teenagers who had to fulfill some volunteer requirements by Thursday. Most of them really did work, which was great. I have the 'leader' hat now since I've been more than 4 times in a year, and it makes it a little less fun, since I have to be on my toes and act respectfully. :-) But it does make people listen to me a little bit more, not that I have too much trouble with that.

Anyhooo, so that combined with not drinking enough the rest of the day, and stress from Sunday morning (am I the only one who possibly has stress on a Sunday morning??), came to a head at around 1:30. Slowly, and then really quickly, migraine struck. Dammit! And I had so much to do. I even resorted to taking one of my $25 pills, but I took it too late, because I ended up having to throw up, as I often do with a migraine. Because it wanted to keep it down as long as possible, for the first time in my life...well, let's say, there was a lot to clean up. M wasn't home, lucky him. He helped later by getting an ice pack and other stuff. I managed to get out of bed at 10:30 PM.

So, today I'm trying to make sure that special muscle/nerve in my back to my head doesn't get inflamed and want to create another headache. I went to the pharmacy to get medication, and also picked up some Christmas card photo holder things, because I was stressing about what photo to put on my cards I wanted to make which it's way too late to do. So, I have 9 different photos and we'll see who gets what.

This is the worst one - doesn't work all that well, but it's a neat photo anyway.


laura b. said...

Oh, I'm sorry about the migraine. Sounds so awful. Glad M made himself useful :)
That is the worst picture? I think it is beautiful!

silly rabbit said...

Ouch! I'm sorry to hear about the migraine. That sucks.
I think photo cards are wonderful and personal. I like the hopeful little crocus.
I hope you take it easy and stay feeling better.

Susan said...

I love this picture. :)

3GKnight said...

Dang. Hope the stress stuff gets relieved soon. Cool picture!

NoRegrets said...

Thanks! L. It's a five-spot.
SR - thanks (see above for flower name)
Thanks Susan and 3GK.

Mel said...

Oh, what a good find and a hopeful photo.
Uggggghhh on the migraine ordeal. Let's hope that's passed and there's no repeat for a good chunk of time.