Friday, August 24, 2012

Fresno Dome

 It kinda looked like a man on the mountain. A skeleton of what he once was.

A socially acceptable form of graffiti?  Charcoal from a fire.

Lichen on the trees.

A weekend finally of climbing. And getting away. Saturday was rainy ish so we just went to a small crag by the side of the road and did sport climbs. But they were slab. So the 5.8 that I did was way scary. You have to trust your feet.  Crazy.  Sunday we did a trad climb on Fresno Dome. You start at the bottom and end at the top (that sounds so silly, but there's a difference! - you don't have to walk down, you are just right there.)

It was so quiet too. The campground only had two other groups there, and we were near a meadow and a brook, and the only sound I really heard was the buzzing of the bees and the little babble of the water.

Much needed.


Anonymous said...

I'd love to go camping in a peaceful place like that. I've only been to the family type campgrounds that always seems crowded whenever you go.

laura b. said...

Knowing how much you enjoy climbing, glad you were able to get away this weekend.
And I agree with Silver, I'd like to camp somewhere peaceful and quiet.