Friday, August 3, 2012


- A day after I boasted on Facebook that Billy never goes on counters, I left a container full of chicken pieces on the counter overnight.  It was empty in the morning.  I wondered why he didn't meow in the morning when he greeted me.
- Don't get to go climbing tomorrow, but it's kinda ok, since I'm tired.
- Worked 37 hours this week at my temp job. I'm RICH
- Currently listening to A Brief History of Everything - Bill Bryson.  His long books are great to listen to in the car.  He reads well, and it's interesting. Much better than pop I hear every hour.
- A guy at work grew corn. He offered some to me. So, yesterday I took one right off the stalk and cooked it and ate it. I likely didn't need to cook it and I maybe cooked it too long. But it was a great experience anyway.

Sorry, tired. Going to bed now.


laura b. said...

Even Billy can have a moment of weakness :)
Mmmm...fresh corn sounds really, really good!

Mel said...

Corn fresh off the stalk...yummm!

Working 37 hours and ending up with some extra money.....wooooohoooooo!!