Sunday, August 5, 2012

Start over

So, was talking with someone last night and he had the idea that since he didn't know much about me, that I could create a new me - whatever I wanted. Now, I wouldn't do a huge lie or anything, but what I can do is choose who I define myself as. So rather than oppressed, I learned a lot about myself. And things like that.  I'll try it out. It helps me to get rid of horrible thought patterns.

I've been meaning to note that I had a conversation with a guy who was returning my cooler (long story).  I mentioned that M had moved out (not sure why I did since I didn't know the guy really) and that we still got along.  He remarked that it seemed to him that if you can get along with someone after you break up, then couldn't you have made it work?  Wow.  I honestly have not ever heard that perspective. Not saying it's bad... just not for me.  What do you think?


laura b. said...

Getting along with someone and being able to live with someone and committing to love them forever are two VERY different things! Geez. I mean, yes, if you are able to get along potentially you could work things out...but that doesn't mean you should!

Tara said...

Do you still have feelings for each other?

3GKnight said...

I would agree with the a certain extent. I hear about couples who are great friends after they've divorced and I tend to think that it was probably the complete removal of expectation that allowed the friendship to grow after the fact. But since a healthy marriage usually has some expectation involved, then maybe it wouldn't have worked.

And kudos on thinking positively about yourself. At the least, it's an excercise in thinking of positive things to share.

silly rabbit said...

I have a good friendships will all of my exes. (2) I think its an act of maturity to split before it becomes too damaging to save any part of the relationship. It shows that you do care when you can decide together that you need to be apart. I find it hard to dislike someone that I care about just because we don't work well together.

The point I am badly making is that splitting doesn't mean that you don't care. Sometimes you split because you do care.