Thursday, August 16, 2012

The day before my birthday

- I was supposed to have friends come and camp, and we'd hang out. Then they bailed.
- I was supposed to have climbing friends come and camp, and we'd climb. Then they bailed.
- I asked a climbing listserv if anyone wanted to share the site. One said yes, then at 5:30 Friday he bailed.
- I left Saturday AM around 10, and after stopping in Oakdale went straight to the campground to be sure I got the site since someone wasn't there the night before.  Lots of clouds in the sky, but the lake was sunny which was good because wanted to go there.
- got to the campground, they had given my site away. They found one for me.
- Went to the lake, as soon as I put my chair down, the sun went behind the clouds
- decided I'd buy myself dinner at the campground grill, got there and they had closed 15 minutes earlier.
- went to the campsite to eat some food I had, someone was in the site - they had been given it
- drove out of the campground and found a ranger there. asked what I should do, and they had a spot for me. except it was 10 feet away from the bathrooms (ok, 20 feet).
- decided to leave since it was cloudy and I couldn't see the stars anyway and I wasn't feeling well.
- stopped just outside the meadow to take a nap and try and get rid of the looming migraine
- after nap drove and stopped to see the sun set. threw up.
- drove a little more and was reallllly tired so stopped at the mariposa grove and slept for 2 hours.
- woke up and there were stars!  and saw 3 shooting stars.
-started driving out, left the park, and had to stop and throw up, and slept some more.
- drove home and arrived at 3am
Tuolumne Valley with clouds
And then the day of my birthday I woke up late (well, 8:30) and my excitement for the day was going out and having a milkshake. It's best for me to do that alone, as I don't start once I stop. Likely very disgusting to anyone around me. But it's kinda like hot chocolate. It has to be a certain temperature because after that it's no good.
And I finally got some cards today - August 16th.  They were mailed August 6th.

But let me just say, even though it sounds pitiful and kind of was, the whole thing was kinda funny too...


silly rabbit said...

All that bailing... an omen of things to come? I hate throwing up. But with my migraines it was sometimes the best way to shake them.

Glad you got to see the stars at last! I missed all the shooting stars this year. Maybe they will bring better luck.

That camp ground's staff really suck at their job of assigning sites!

laura b. said...

Sort of like a comedy of errors if you take the more positive view of it, right? I like your attitude :)
And I'm glad you got to see stars and drink a frosty milkshake.

Vlad Steven said...

Feliz cumpleaƱos. Disculpa que no haya ido. Pero me queda algo lejos jajajajaja Felicidades!!!

Mel said...

Aside from being a tad grumpy the comment didn't stay here--lemme repeat myself.

Sheeeeeeeshhhh that there were so many upside-down moments here--but ohmygosh look at the view you had.
Meteor watching woulda been excellent there!
Just sayin'.......