Sunday, October 7, 2012

Do you believe in dog?

I don't know why the guy raised his dog up above the crowd. He was facing the wrong direction! But maybe it was for others to worship him. (Robin Hood was there!)

Hardly Strictly Bluegrass this year. Gorgeous weather = TONS of people. I could only take it one day. Today I didn't do much at all. Partly because on the way home yesterday I stopped at a friends and one drink turned into three and dinner, which was actually great. I should not have driven home, but I did and didn't die, though I did have a slight hangover which I had to get rid of this morning.  It helped to sit for 20 minutes in the sauna and sweat the toxins out. I guess.  It felt good at least.

Part of the dog subject comes from my friend and her son talking about how they were raised atheists.  Which just seems like an odd statement. You are raised to believe in nothing?  Though of course that's not really it. I think its the unwillingness to buy into the descriptions that exist in the world. Some I think are that way - like the friend's son who writes later that it's something but it's in everyone, which, yes I agree.  And a little bit everywhere, like in this sunset.


laura b. said...

All hail shaggy doggy! :)

I wasn't raised as an atheist, but I have grown into one. It definitely isn't believing in nothing. My beliefs just aren't theistically focused.

Mel said...

What a lucky puppy with a good view! And what a nice way to spend the day, even if it meant having to sweat out the toxins afterwards.

I'm not what I was 'raised' as, but I'm not done growing by any means. The world amazes me, once you figure out what truly matters.

Pizza matters.....LOL I'd love a piece of pizza. :-/

Churlita said...

Yeah. I don't believe in organized religion or anything either. I appreciate the hell out of my life and nature and all of that, but I don't feel the need to believe in one god for that. For me, praying and playing outside are about the same thing. I don't know how one would raise their kids atheists, though...