Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Upper beat

So all these posts I wanted to write after that much pathetic post.  Upper beat.

One thing I did was take advantage of unemployment and go sailing on a Thursday with a friend in the SF Bay. I really wanted to try it to get another perspective of the area. I have flown over it. And yes, been on a ferry. But not in a sailboat. My friend G is a sailor, and his friend R could rent the boat.

 It was a gorgeous gorgeous day. NO clouds/fog, which is so rare. It started off with NO wind and it was hot. Then G and I sat at a table with an umbrella to wait for the other two and literally BOOM there was heavy wind. Almost knocked over the table. So, although you maybe can't tell from the photo below, very choppy.

Trouble was, R is a racer, and didn't really take into account that that was my first real time sailing. Let's just say I was hanging on for dear life most of the time, trying to appreciate it, and trying not to let them know how much I was looking forward to it being over. We went back into the Sausilito Bay and normally it's calm so they kept the sail up and I let my guard down, and so did G. So when the next big gust came, the side of the boat was in the water, and G almost was too. I had a look on my face so G called me over to sit by him. And another gust and he almost went on top of me. I just looked at him with a petrified please take the sail down. They did but it was really difficult because it was so windy.

So, I won't be going on a 26 ft. boat in the Bay any time soon/ever again. Luckily it was warm, because normally it's 40-50 degrees or so. Yeah. No.

Other news is that the cats are not getting along. Billy is getting the most visible scars, as you can see below. But I think that he dominates over the other cat, which is good. But the other one will not stop testing the boundary, so it will likely always be a problem. So, we'll keep them mostly separated.

And finally, I have had a couple of good interviews, which is great. After my last round, I won't get excited until I have the offer in hand. One I like much more than the other, but the one I'm not so excited about is ahead in the process and at a good organization... so I may not really have a choice even if I had a choice which would be a miracle. In any event, wish me luck.



laura b. said...

Wow, that would have scared me! I can swim, but I am subject to motion sickness. That level of activity on a little sail boat would have killed me :)
Sorry the cats haven't learned to get along. That is a little extra stress in the house.
I will be thinking good thoughts about your employment prospects and I do wish you luck!!!

Tara said...

Aw, poor Billy and his nose! :( I'm glad he is the dominant cat. Hopefully the other one will learn to not push it.

My brother took me and my mom out on his speedboat years ago. He started the motor and took off and my mom lost her baseball hat in the water. We had to circle around with a fishing net. Lol.

3GKnight said...

Good luck on the job hunt! If you had an inner ear like me, you would have gotten sick just looking at the boat, much less riding it. Here's to dry land. Cheers!

Mel said...

Ouch-- Poor kitty.

Oh, but what a gorgeous photo or two of the waters, rough and racy as things were. Gotta love a boat. Sometimes loving it from the shore works for me. Holy cow that musta got your blood moving!