Monday, October 15, 2012


So, was thinking the other day, actually this morning, about some very inappropriate air names I could make up. One particularly bad one was Crystal Nacht.  Can you think of any good/bad ones?

I did a show last week and really enjoyed it. One more to go and then FREE!

Today is week two of no work at all. Started getting a bit anxious today. But tried to let it go. The day just disappeared. All I know is I made a batch of applesauce (a woman had given me a box of apples from her tree) and lunch and went to the store and bought myself a treat (pistacio 'ice cream bar'). And worked out this morning.

I'm hoping I get a temp job. Please.

I haven't investigated yet whether I can get unemployment benefits. I'm kinda scared to, even if I can get them, since I read what poor SillyRabbit has to go through...  I'm giving myself a couple weeks before I do anything 'drastic'.

Won tickets to a show for last night. Noone could go, so I went by myself. A small venue, and got there way too early, which was in the end ok. I saw people come in, saw bands setting up, etc. Happened to manage to sit in the merchandise table in the corner in the back, and so met the label guy and yakked about music. I really need to learn from that experience and don't pretend I'm something I"m not and know more than I do. Duh. I really didn't like either band I saw, but hey, it was sort of free. I made the mistake of asking the guy if he wanted a drink, when what I really wanted to ask him was if he wanted me to get him some water since I was getting some for  myself. Duh. At least he only wanted a ginger ale. And he gave me a free CD.

On Saturday night I went with my roommate to a poetry reading (LitCrawl in SF).Someone I know is a poet and he was on stage. First time seeing him - amazing what a different personality!! That's kinda like my brother, who did some acting and he was a completely different person on stage (duh).

So, lotsa duh moments. And there's more hours in the week for even more.


laura b. said...

Good for you, going to that show! I have chickened out so many times on doing things on my own. I dislike that impulse in myself to be so dependent on others.

I suspect that different personality thing is one of the main reasons people choose to become performers. It's an interesting thing.

Thinking good thoughts for you, NoR!

Tara said...

I have many "duh" moments, but I prefer to call them "learning experiences" (well, at least in my head) to make myself feel better.

How was the applesauce?

NoRegrets said...

Thanks Laura!

Yeah, Tara, I try to also. Applesauce is pretty good - problem was that they are not extremely ripe.