Saturday, October 20, 2012


I thought I was a team player, but reading the definition, I'm almost the antithesis.

I take initiative when I know it's safe.

I'm an independent thinker if I know someone will approve.

Sigh. Filling out a pre-interview screening questionnaire.  Problem solving. Independent thinking. Show examples. Doesn't help that I have no memory!

I'm a misfit and fit for misfits.

I just barely pass as normal, it feels sometimes. Radio station work is good for me, as we are all misfits. M is with his friends right now - 6 of them - that I would love to be my friends but I'm not because I'm a misfit.

Just gotta accept it.


Mel said...

Being your own unique person somehow gets a bad name?


JUST askin'.....


3GKnight said...

Lets start a misfit club. I second the motion to go do our own thing.

laura b. said...

If people were honest, a lot of them would find themselves in that same boat.
Not everyone has felt like a misfit, but most people have been one at some point or another.

Tara said...

We're not misfits, we're rebels! :)

Really, though, what is "normal" anymore? It doesn't sound like my cup of tea.

NoRegrets said...

Mel, who said misfit was bad? kidding... well, I don't know.

3GK, well, in the end we all do anyway... it's just a question of how you feel about it and how others feel about it.

Laura, yeah, I guess.

Tara...Abby Normal?