Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Book with a Face

Yesterday I had lunch with a friend at the Book with a Face.  Free lunch!  Woo hoo!  One of the perks of being unemployed. I'm so lucky.

 This is the center of their 'campus'. apparently the lighter and darker grey spell out Hack.
 This is what employees have to do when they're late for work.
 This is ONE of the eating areas.  I had Moroccan food, and a nice salad and a white chocolate mint dessert thing. My friend later showed me one of the snack areas...lordy. SO MUCH FOOD.
THis is just one of the walls inside. There's lot of graffiti art and all sorts of weird things. It's an interesting culture.

(yes, still no work... had a couple of interviews and no job offers.  one person actually responded to my request for feedback on my interview, so we'll see how that goes. it's frustrating. So I"m going to go see music tonight after doing almost nothing today. time flies when you're unemployed)


silly rabbit said...

What an interesting place! Sounds like a fun afternoon.

Mel said...

Well, now I'll have to do some investigation! Sounds like a fun place to have lunch!

laura b. said...

I like that you are open to the perks of having some free time...although of course unemployment is not optimal. You have a good attitude :)