Tuesday, November 13, 2012


My new roommate offered to do a Tarot card reading last Friday. It was very very interesting. Not prophetic I don't think, but as I said to her, a basis for thought. Picking out the pieces that made sense to me. And on the flight to go visit M, reading an article about forgiveness. And reading a book started there and finished last night (time of my life by Allison Winn Scotch) which drives home the message of taking responsibility for your own self and listening to yourself.

It actually was a good visit. I was a little apprehensive, a little excited. But we had a good three days together. Hike one day, climbing another. Live music both nights. I got to see his new world and get out of my unemployed one for a few days. He got company and a rope gun, as he said. He paid for the ticket, and I felt a little bad, and likely will give him some money when I get a job.

Which...no job yet. I have an interview on Thursday for a year long temp job.  We'll see how that goes. But right now I have to meet my friend for climbing!


laura b. said...

Very well said, about Tarot. Things like that are interesting and we can take what we want from them.
It is nice that you and M have stayed friends and you were able to have a pleasant visit.
Best wishes on the interview...and the climb!

Tara said...

I think I'd understand tarot-reading more than palm-reading.

I'm glad you were able to escape for a bit and hike and climb. The live music sounds fun, too!

Good luck with the interview on Thursday!