Tuesday, November 27, 2012

You may be right

I might indeed be crazy.

OK, so, here's a list of the items that I cannot find in my home that I should have:
- ladle (used a long time ago to make applesauce)
- metal bowl (used to soak my prescription bottles to get rid of my personal information)
- towel (special one that's my gym towel)
- one flip flop
- pajama bottoms (flannel)

So, the first two I have NO idea where they are. I had two ladles and once I asked my roommate if she knew where they were she said she had taken one to work and would bring it back on the morrow...  But the bowl!!! I had it ... and now don't. And who else is there besides me in this house and the cats?

I will admit that the other items could be misplaced.  But it's an indication of my mental state that I think someone is stealing these things. Sometimes I think it's one of my other personalities. Sometimes I think it's my roommate. Other times... I have no idea.

I bet you were excited to have this amazing post from me.

Job update:
- had an interview today for a position. They wrote to me late Sunday night and said they had scheduled me for 8 am today. Then they also left me outside until 8:00. But it went well.
- tomorrow have an interview for a job that's beneath my abilities. So not excited.
- waiting to hear back from a good interview for a one year temp job that could turn into a regular job. It's a little below my abilities but great people and good experience.

I kinda feel like I shouldn't tell people I have had interviews because it looks bad that I don't have a job yet. But in part it takes organizations forever to figure out who they want to hire!!!  And, yes, as a friend said, well, maybe I need to take a look at how I'm interviewing. Go in excited about the job no matter what. It's easier to say no than be unemployed not by choice.


laura b. said...

I feel like I've lost more things than I can count. I always just assumed the universe took it back :)

I haven't been on an interview in almost 11 years. *knock on wood* I would have to take a course or something to do it again.

Mel said...

I always appreciate folks who come in enthusiastic and interested. It's not always fun to later get declined, but at the time of the interview it's good to have a taste of what could be brought to the agency.
So I think your friend might have a point.

And I lose things all the time. Delores takes them. *laughing* No, I don't KNOW a Delores--but it's just easier for me to name a culprit and keep moving.
I only obsess if it's a valued article--who cares if I have two metal bowls! :-) JUST sayin'.....

Tara said...

After my mom's apartment fire escapade, she can't find the antique, American flag she had by the fireplace. I'm hoping it wasn't stolen, but I kind of suspect it's somewhere in her closet.