Friday, September 12, 2008

Go fish

So, as mentioned in a previous post, this year's fishing was not the best. The fish were kind of quiet. But still, Ms. Amazing Fisherwoman (me) managed to get hits and catch some fish. My brother always had his camera with him, so took most of the photos, and of course kept joking about erasing them. I made him take a few with my camera, but most shots are of me smiling with my big bass, and since I'm too lazy to cut my face out, I'm just sharing the mouth shot of the last bass I caught.

When I fish I go for the big fish. And my favorite place to fish is in the weeds. And the essential lure is the Moss Boss.I have caught so many honkin' fish with this lure, it's amazing. And even when you miss, it's an adventure. One time during this vacation the monster came 1/4 of the way out of the water, huge open mouth. Luckily the kids weren't with me that time, because there was much swearing to be had.

This time, in part because the kids saw me catch one and asked the question - does the fish heal, I started second guessing whether my assumption was correct. That assumption was that a single hook lure is better for the fish than a lure with three hooks (which I now know is called a treble hook). I asked one person, and his response was, if you are worried about the fish, you shouldn't fish. Well, that wasn't my point. I want to fish, but I'd like to do it with the least impact on the fish. I asked one friend last night climbing, and he thought, like me, that because the treble hooks are so much harder to get out, it ends up being worse for the fish. But you could also argue that the single hook places more pressure on that one point and thus can cause more harm (I've see a gash in several fish I've caught - more pickerel than bass). Any comment/idea?

I'll end this post with the peace I found looking at the water.


Squirrel said...

Treble hooks are definitely a pain in the bass to get out, and it can't be much fun for the fish either. I think your gut assumption about the superiority of the single hook is right.

Back when I fished more, my favourite lures were Hula Poppers and the Lucky 13... though, oddly, I think I had more luck with plastic worms.

So how did the review go yesterday??? Inquiring (nosy) minds want to know.

NoRegrets said...

Hmm... don't know lucky 13. I did have a plastic wormy thing that the end slowly got eaten off so it was practically ineffective though.

Ah, I wrote it in the comments section yesterday. It went fine. As expected. Though nice to have verbal praise about how I try to take care of myself physically/emotionally, even though it does impact my work.

Churlita said...

I haven't fished in a while. I like to though. I've only used the single hook.

I love that last photo. I need a little more of that in my life right now.

NoRegrets said...

Yes, dont' we all Churlita...

The CEO said...

There's a single hook with no barb for catch-and-release fishing that does the least damage. It works too.

*Renee* said...

I love the last pic :)! I'm all about the pics :)!

heather said...

ceo beat me to mentioning the barbless hooks. i always use a single hook, never tried the trebles cause i feel guilty enough if i catch one too small to keep. (no intentional catch and release for me, if i'm fishing it's cause i'm trying to catch a meal.)

i do think that a single hook would be less damaging in the long run even with the greater stress. the body only has to heal in one area rather than three and a single hook is easier and faster to remove.

Mel said...

Himself uses the single/no barb hook and frees the fishies!

Whadda guy, huh?


Keep in mind that himself has to live with 'er indoors/she who must be obeyed. ;-)

evilesb138 said...

I tried fishing a couple of times and it was not my gig.

I can admire someone with the patience for such a thing though. I would assume it can be relaxing and that seems to be just what you have needed lately.

fish on

Tera said...

I soooooooo wish I knew how to fish! I haven't been since I was a kid and almost drowned in the lake!