Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Ice Cream

I tried, finally, the vanilla honey ice cream from Haagen Daaz. O my god, it's amazing. Thankfully it comes in a small container (1/2 cup is 270 calories though), and I've had enough restraint to not eat it all at once. Which leads me to...

My Body

Given the liposuction photoshop photo, and despite my friends on Friday saying that my arms are looking great, this morning I looked in the mirror and asked my trainer if he thought I was looking better (overall, not just one spot), and he said yes. And said that actually people had been commenting to him about me. I told him he better not be taking all the credit, because he had something good to start with. :-) It's nice to hear other people are noticing, because I've been thinking I look pretty damn good. Wish I had someplace to go to wear a sexy dress...


Went to see Burn after Reading on Friday, which I think was the day it opened? It's the new one with a whole bunch of stars and done by the Cohen brothers (or is it Cohn?). It's really difficult to give a review for it. Ultimately, what I would say is that it was worth seeing and good. But you have to have patience watching it because you're not sure what the hell is going on. I will say that the previews do not portray what the movie is - it's not a comedy in the true sense of a comedy, but there are definitely LOL moments. Ultimately though it's pretty damn funny, and things sort of get resolved. I really want to hear what others think about it. Oh, wait, there's one thing Susan HAS to see in it.

US. Economy

It makes me sad and angry. I don't understand the economics behind it and I can't say what the solution should be, but I do think that foresight and brakes on greed could have prevented much of this. And I'm very fearful when I heard that FDIC might need a bailout - the bailout institution might need a bailout. All the money's going under the mattress now.


Just finished reading Tender at the Bone by Ruth Reichl, who is the current/former editor of Gourmet magazine. It was really very good - interspersed with recipes so I won't be able to pass it on to anyone else because I want to try some recipes. It truly conveyed the importance of food in a person's life - she just happened to end up making it her life also.

And, I have mentioned it before, but I finally finished Cold Mountain. I can't say too many wonderful things about this book. So beautifully written. I will not see the movie - it will never compare.


Susan said...

Ahhh Cold Mountain. I can't really think about that book because it makes me ache. I've recently took up reading (again) so I've been buzzing through some books. I'd review them but I have this thing where I'm sure even if I think a book is shit someone out there loves it.

This post reminded me I really need to save up to get a new mattress.

Susan said...

You've updated this since I read it. I got this honey nut cream cheese and seriously have to make myself not just eat it with a spoon.

Churlita said...

You should make an outing to wear a sexy dress to and show yourself off. Do a girls night out where you and your friends go out to eat and then get drinks at a fancy schmancy bar where hot guys hang out. I bet you wouldn't have to buy even one drink.

laura b. said...

I want to see Burn After Reading...while eating some of that ice cream preferably.

Tera said...

Ice Cream

I am sooooo hooked on Blue Bell Banana Split ice cream right now...from the looks of my ass, I should just look at the box and refrain from actually ingesting it!

My Body

See my comment about the frapping ice cream! I have got to get my ass to the Gym!


In light of our recent "outage" issues (which I tell you about in my latest post), I have watched a fuckload of DVDs including "Shutter," "Super Bad," "Mummy 3," and "Cleaner" they were all pretty okay for the most part, but these directors and producers should learn to consult with me on some of these endings!

US. Economy

I'm broke, oh and ajfdioashgiaephgagieoaw;hgieoaw;hgioe;awhgawrefheiowahgio;a
...that's all I have to say about that.


I finally finished the Color Purple and EJD's Cheaters...both were fantastic!

Sorry for taking over here...I just felt like it!

NoRegrets said...

So, Susan, then someone disagrees with you. What's the big whoop?

Yes, good for you! You earn an A! You noticed.

Churlita, then I might attract one and have to do something.

Laura, you should. eat the ice cream too...

TERA, that's one thing I can't eat. Bananas with ice cream. ew... And even with ALL that LYAO, you STILL have to work out? Amazing. I'll have to look up EJD Cheaters...

The CEO said...

The FDIC is fine, not to worry. It's the Federal Reserve that is bailing these folks out. They have used half their balance sheet so far, but don't worry, they have an infinite balance sheet if they want, and the terms they get are confiscatory. For the $85 billion for AIG, they get 80% of the equity and an interest rate of 8% over the Libor interbank rate, the international rate that banks lend to each other. Think 14% or so. You'll do fine, forget the matress, call me. We'll buy General Mills.

evilesb138 said...

don't look for an excuse to go out and show off....

If the economy continues going as it has, the price of gas will be our smallest concern. We have now reached a time when lenders become borrowers and the taxpayers become lenders.

Squirrel said...

Tried Ben & Jerry's cake batter flavour last weekend; not to be missed!

Tera said...

NoR~I know, right?! And even though Eric Jerome Dickey writes the smut, I thoroughly enjoyed that book!!!