Sunday, March 8, 2009

Change (Sat. Hunt) and WFMU report

First off, signs of change in Jersey City. A new building going up around the old.

Here's the older in the new. I thought this looked cool.

I love interesting/artistic graffiti.

The entrance to WFMU.

Phone room on the left. Studio on the right.

In the phone room.

What can you find in this photo?

So, had a great time at WFMU. Didn't do a whole lot because not a lot of people called, but the people who were there were fun. I pledged some money and I think I may have won something, but not sure because I actually was on a call. I'll listen to the archives.

Also took my nieces and my sister climbing, and my mom out to dinner. I made the mistake of letting my mom look at the menu, because of course she wanted to get the cheapest thing so she wouldn't be spending too much. Ugh. But she got what she really wanted (because I ordered) and enjoyed it. Woo hoo!


Churlita said...

Now those are some great change photos. It sounds like it was a lot of fun. I love the building within a building pic especially.

Mel said...

Yup...the old in the new is a cool photo.

And the just being the mom.
I insist on buying.
And I can cuz I'm the mom!

heather said...

i see rogue earning her stripe(s).

great pics.
i like the truthful irony of the new reflecting the old.
a visual reminder that your past will always be a part of what you are.

NoRegrets said...

Churlita - thanks! I was channelling you... walking down the street taking photos.

Mel, thanks too... Yeah, but my mom is 80 and has very little money.

Heather... look closer grasshopper.
and my, that's deeep.

heather said...

uhm, are you familiar with x-men? the movies, not the comics. the comics have a different explanation. just making sure you knew what i meant.
as for the art on the wall, i can tell it's there but can't quite make it out. i just traded with cheeks and i now have a wide screen monitor. i've still gotta figure out what pixel setting is going to work for me. some pages look great and others, well, not so much.

The CEO said...

Nice photos, I'm glad the restaurant worked out so well with you Mom. I hope you liked your dinner too.

Pamela said...

Um, heather, unfortunately not that familiar...
And well my photos are not high resolution, so that's likely the problem.

Monty, it was pretty good...

laura b. said...

The city is changing, you earned some change for the station, and all in all put up some great shots!
Now, it looks like the Statue of Liberty is in that last photo. How can this be? :-)

Pamela said...

Laura, hail Mary shot driving down the turnpike...

Tara said...

Is that a stuffed, giant donut in the second to the last photo there? I like it! Sorry I've been a slacking blog visitor, hope you're well!

heather said...

in the movie, she gets the white streak in her hair while at the top of the statue of liberty. :)

Pamela said...

Tara, good enough to eat!

Heather, ok, now I understand. See, I'm so not a geek.