Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I have packed one box tonight

Exactly one box. Of course this box contains two small really nice speakers that I got for free and thus had no box, and so it required much creative protection-making (thank goodness I didn't throw away the styrofoam packing from my ceiling fan!). But one box. Oh, and I found a box in my closet that I had never unboxed and so that sort of counts for another, right?

I only feel ok because I also made chili and lasagne tonight. That took an hour. The lasagne will maybe feed those, now two, people who are coming to help us throw stuff into a POD on Saturday.

And one half of my work wants to keep me and will fight to keep me and have me work remotely. Despite the fact that I would have no loyalty and if I got a full time job would take it. So that's good.

But still, remind me this will all be worth it.


EsLocura said...

if it's for your happiness and well being then it's always worth it, because you are worth it! besos

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

As valued as you are at your current job, you have to think of what's best for you.. It's nice to know that they want to keep you.. It all will be worth it in the long run.. Lasagna and Chili are two of my favorite foods..

Pamela said...

Es, it's hard to imagine future happiness. I'm much more a here and now person.

Mrs. - well, there's the reality of money... that's the problem. I hate reality. :-)

Churlita said...

I hate packing. I'll be happy if I never have to move again. In my world, packing one box in an evening is a great achievement.

Tara said...

Give me a second and I'll fly over and help you too! That chili and lasagna sounds wonderful.

laura b. said...

Moving is such a daunting task. I think just getting started is a big step. And cooking while doing it! Those are two of my favorites too.