Thursday, March 11, 2010

Perfectly unemotional

Trying to be. But I get tired of trying.

In any event, spring is on the way. Stuff is poking up out of the ground. I don't think my peony (damn, is that what it is?) is going to make it. I transferred from the front not so shady yard, but I think squirrels got to it. But some bulbs I planted are coming up - I forget what they are. Daylillies are certainly coming. My rosemary got beaten up with the storms, but it's still alive. Just not as pretty. I think my lilac got destroyed on the side, but we'll see. My sage has a little bit of life. And I wonder if I'll get any volunteers from the tomatoes and anise. We'll see. Or not. Not sure when those would poke up through the ground. My last spring here.

Ok, gotta work.


laura b. said...

Why do you need to be unemotional?

Pamela said...

Ah, that's the most I can say right now.

Churlita said...

I'm an emotional being. Unemotional people freak me out. I don't quite trust them.

You will have an amazing garden in the Bay Area. Things seem to grow like crazy there.

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

Before ya know it the Sage and Rosemary will ba back in top form.. I can't wait to see how my garden takes shape this year.. I have some semi-big plans for an overhaul..

NoRegrets said...

I'm just being all knee jerk and stuff.

Churlita, unfortunately I'm a firm believer in survival of the fittest. I'm not sure I'm a gardener.

Mrs... you should take photos!

Mel said...

*sigh* Three days of rain snow-melt--it's a swamp in the back yard.

BUT--I'm almost sure I see some green in the swampiness! :-)