Monday, March 8, 2010

Weekend and music

Hi there - quick update. The POD is almost packed. Damn, it holds a lot of stuff. We put in all that M had ready and it wasn't even half full on Saturday. So, scrambled to get more things in there, including a bunch of my furniture. Thing is, my house doesn't miss it. It's kinda nice to have less in the house. Trouble is, my 93 year old neighbor stuck her head out yesterday as we were packing up the patio set, and asked if I was moving. And of course she asked if I was selling or renting. I can picture her causing all sorts of trouble if the neighbor makes any sort of noise (if I rent). sigh, we'll see. She does approve of M though :-). Also saw Alice in Wonderland. Really was good, except for the few moments that Johnny Depp fell into Captain Jack Sparrow sorts of movements - way too similar. But overall very well done.

Here's some music for you. Just got into him. Justin Townes Earl - Mama's Eyes - at South by Southwest in Austin. (I would embed, but it was way wide.)


Churlita said...

He just played here last month. I heard he was amazing live.

sounds like you got a lot done.

Mel said...

Progress! Kinda cool that less is just as workable, if not inviting.

Neighbors--at 93 can ya blame her?!

laura b. said...

Thanks for the music! I'm unfamiliar, but I like him.

Sounds like this move is really going to happen :-)

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

I have heard that those POD's are really roomy.. Are they cheaper than renting a storage space? Not sure I heardabout him before.. but it was pretty good thanks.. Maybe share that with your 93 yr old neighbour.. lol