Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Another sight

Since I was in open space area with the cattle, the border of it bordered some rather largely disgustingly big houses. See below.

Whew. And, they are right next to each other. Ugh.

I went to a networking-ish event tonight that focused on corporate social and environmental sustainability (mostly environmental). The best quote: Change. People like the noun, not the verb.

Unfortunately that is mostly true. It was interesting to hear the group of 4 men speaking. I must say thought that it irritates me when in some instances things (I think) should be better moderated/facilitated and they aren't. Makes me want to jump up and take charge. I did not this evening. All for the best.


Tara said...

At first glance, those houses looked like castles!

laura b. said...

That is a good quote! And it sounds like an interesting event....even though you coulda done it better :-)

Mel said...

Holy cow.

Not that impressed with the houses--and I'm sad for the one tree.....oh, but what a great Halloween tree it would make!

In the meantime, I'll have to confess my intolerance of a presentation that just doesn't 'do it' for me. I suppose in part that's ego for ya....on the other hand, it's oft times true unfortunately.

NoRegrets said...

Tara they pretty much are...

Laura - of course I could have done it better! ;-)

Mel- let's hope the tree will come back? And it is amazing how many people don't know how to talk in public