Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Being away from home and family, I wanted some sort of traditional activity. Easter moved from being a religious holiday to a time to get together and have brunch, and that's what we'd do. I was going to have brunch with a friend, but it was sort of an up in the air thing, and it never landed to become reality. Which was fine.

So, I went to church. But I went to a Unitarian Universalist service. I think it's my first one ever. The church had the rainbow flag flying, inviting one and all to come worship. Wait, do UU's worship? Apparently they don't really believe in Easter.

I sat there somewhat bemused, but also interested, and laughed/smiled when we sang a song and jumped up and down from our seats like it was a football wave. I blinked when people clapped at the choir's beautiful singing (but also clapped).

I looked for some semblance of relation to a Catholic mass; oh, wait, they did pass around the offering plate... That sounds mean, but really, it was the only thing that really related but even then it was different, because they noted that if you were a guest no need to put anything in, and also had activity bags to pass out for the kids.

Then there were meditations (sort of like a sermon), which I liked. The best one was relating rising again to awakening, and how each of us can awaken to a new life, and live in this life to its fullest. A good credo.

As I walked home I smelled the roses.

I called my friend this morning to check on the brunch thing, and she had been in church (she is fairly Catholic). Told her that M had almost run over a bunny yesterday, and we were wondering if it would rise again for today. "Um, we don't call him Bunny." I just laughed and laughed. She said: "I've only been out of church for a half hour and I'm already irreverent; I'm trying to be holy for at least an hour. Bye!"


laura b. said...

It is good to try new things! I haven't been to any kind of church in so long.

Mel said...

Ohhhhhhh.....sounds like a fun place! Worship oughta be about making noise and being appreciative, dontchathink? :-)

I rather like the idea of applauding the choir.

Tara said...

My brother took us to a UU service in Texas several years ago. I was raised Protestant, so it took me awhile to realize a cross wouldn't be hanging on the wall of a UU church. Instead they had wooden seagulls. The Christmas songs were reworded, too.

I should attend another UU service, because I like the idea of meditation in church.

Churlita said...

I'm not much of a church goer, but I did my best to appreciate all that I have and how amazing the world is by riding my bike out in the country for a few hours. That's how I'm comfortable "worshipping".