Monday, April 11, 2011


One early morning we went to the sand dunes. Important to get there early or late, otherwise it's HOT. Also important to get there when it's not windy, unless you have a lot of skin to lose. Thankfully it was not windy when we were there. The sand just past the parking lot is so fine it's incredibly soft. Later it becomes harder, but still feels good on the feet. The walk back was at times kinda hard on the feet because it was HOT. But it was so beautiful, and good exercise to boot - walking on shifting sand uses muscles that aren't often used.


I should be a model. Such long legs.

Two boys of the friends of ours walking along the dunes.

If you get there early enough, you see a lot of critter tracks. Such as these: Kangaroo rat tracks

One of the good quotes from the trip: we came across a lizard that was out in the sun. He ran into his little hole, and one of the boys looked down in, and then started shoveling sand into it. His mom: Stop that. He has a hard enough existence as it is without you making it harder.


Churlita said...

Love the pics. The long legged shadow pic is my favorite.

Vlad Steven said...

Yei!!! Excelentes fotos

laura b. said...

It is amazing how clear the tracks in the sand are. Really beautiful pics.

Tara would like to know if you would like to choose a word for this weeks Saturday Scavenger Shots. Thanks :-)

Mel said...

Oh.....I'm a fan of the kangaroo rat tracks!


Way cool photos, ma'am.

Tara said...

Yeah, what Laura said! :)

I went to the beach yesterday and it felt great to walk on the sand. I figured I got my walking in for that day.