Tuesday, April 12, 2011

We interupt this with an important message

Well, no stories from the trip today. OK, well maybe tangentially.

On Thurs. evening I was apparently finally in phone range of a cell tower. The middle of the night I get the jingle that I had a message. I didn't listen until I got up the next morning. And there was my sister saying she had adventures with my mom. Meaning my mom's car had broken down and the police brought her to her realtor's and then she got home and never told my sister anything. I don't even remember how my sister found out. My mom was out of it when my sister talked to her.

So, there was a ton of emails back and forth (once I went to the local library where I was and signed up for a library card since I had to have one to use the computer and it was the only public computer in town) and ultimately she has surrendered her car. A huge transition for her, of course. Not made any easier by the fact that she thinks taxis are too expensive and the free shuttles are 'a pain' and she doesn't want to burden anyone - way to destroy any possible options. [now you know where I get my attitude from]. It will get worked out though, even if I have to smack her upside the head. Figuratively of course. I was glad that the 10 minutes I did researching car donations really helped.

And this morning I listened to myself and did not go to a networking breakfast. I just didn't want to go. Several young people who go are so friendly and I've talked with them about doing some follow up (mostly me getting stuff to them, or me asking from them politely), and NO RESPONSE. That irritates the hell out of me. I also didn't trust myself to say 'someone please give me any job you know of'. Yeah, no, I'm not that desperate, but sometimes I feel that way.

I had a dentist appointment and found out there that the very expensive night guard that was made for me where I used to live is not mine. The teeth mold they sent me was not my teeth (even though it had my name on it). So, now I have to deal with that office and either get my money back or get my real night guard. Oh well. I think the dentist here might be really nice and not charge me for today's appointment, though I said I was there for the 20 min and should be charged.

Speaking of medical stuff, I am finishing up my taxes and I had so many medical expenses last year that I easily went over the 7.5% cutoff for deductions. Joy? In any event, glad I had most of the receipts and can use it to get money back.

OK, work calls.

It was very interesting because between the time I talked to my sister on Friday and when I could actually get on email, I was so scattered. I went to a gas station and wanted to get a lottery ticket and couldn't communicate that well, forgot to pay for a small candy, forgot to take the candy with me, etc. Amazing how it affected me - I was quite stressed.


laura b. said...

Not surprised hearing about your mom would have stressed you. It sounds like it is being worked out though, and I'm very glad of that. I bet your mom will come to enjoy being chauffeured around.

You are very resourceful and I know you will find a job soon. Keep listening to that inner voice.

And thanks for the word!

Mel said...

Oh crud.



<-- going to gather the info

Tara said...

I hope you can get the money back for your nightguard, those things are expensive.

My mom was in a car accident last year. Thankfully nobody was hurt, but the whole incident scared her enough to never want to drive again. She does use the free transportation for seniors and she also has her friends, me and my brother.

Tara said...

...but it can be frustrating, since my brother doesn't volunteer to help her much, and he told her that he would help her with grocery shopping if she needed it, but never offers anymore.

Churlita said...

Sorry to hear about the stuff with your mom.

I'm glad you skipped the breakfast. I bet you're happier for it.