Friday, June 17, 2011

As time goes on

Yesterday I had a minute and thought I'd go back and see what was going on this time last year. And then I realized I started this blog in 2007! So I have four years worth of Junes! Amazing.

In those Junes I:
- Left my husband
- Struggled to create the best balance of medication
- Packed to move to California
- And this year I'm in California, looking for a job, and wondering if I'll be able to afford to continue living here.

Huge issues in such a short time. But I guess that's life, huh?


silly rabbit said...

You have made some very big changes!
Bravo! Isn't it great to look back at times that were hard when you can see how far you've come, all for the better?

silly rabbit said...
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Tara said...

Wow, look how much you've been through! I do wish you luck that you will find a great job and will be able to stay in California, if California is the place you want to be. Happiness is extremely important.

I noticed that we started doing Saturday Scavenger Shots back in 2007, and that seemed like such a long time ago.

laura b. said...

I enjoy looking back at my blog too. You've come a long way and think of all that is still to come!

Churlita said...

Wow. That is a lot. I hope it makes you feel pretty strong to accomplish and deal with so much.