Saturday, June 11, 2011

Where was I?

I should get a certificate for being an excellent tour guide. And my friend should get
one for bringing the nice weather. We did so much yet managed to relax and have fun. Saw Bridesmaids and laughed a bit. Went to a chocolate factory tour and bought WAY too much chocolate afterwards (TCHO chocolate). Went to Golden Gate park and refused to pay special fees for Japanese Tea Garden, etc. Went someplace one day and took the photo above. Where? Went to lunch on a canal and sat there for 2.5 hours in the sun, talking. Got our hair blown about in the special spot under the Golden Gate Bridge. It was so nice.

Now, reality! Gotta make up time for work, or not get paid. Ugh.


silly rabbit said...

Oh man... sounds like heaven to me!
They charge special fees at the JTG now! I love it there but that would tick me off.
Are the sea horses... very, very cool pic... from the marine museum near the tea garden? I can't recall what its called now. We used to refer to it as "the aquarium".

laura b. said...

You do sound like an excellent tour guide! I don't know where that photo was taken, but wow! Very cool.

Mel said...

Wow....gorgeous photo.
Very cool.

Aquarium, perhaps?
If so or not.....that was an awesome way to spend the day.....

NoRegrets said...

Monterrey Bay Aquarium!

Tara said...

Thank you for sharing that photo, I love the look of seahorses!

silly rabbit said...

Ah ha! I knew I'd been there!
Oooh I love Monterey and that ten mile drive.