Monday, June 27, 2011

Crack attack

Wonder what I did this weekend?

M could not got to Yosemite with me, so I used the 'dating' site and found someone to climb with on Saturday. The guy has two kids so I figured he'd be safe. He was only there for the day, so we met up at 9:00 and went off.

He said he is a moderate climber, so we went to Jamcrack - pictured above. A classic 5.7 crack. He has led it many times so he let me lead. Of course the crux was at the bottom, but I made it through after one fall on the first piece of gear I put in (and he caught me). I haven't let a pure crack in a long time (ever?) so it was challenging!!! One thing that's especially challenging is to be sure you don't put your piece of gear where your next handhold will be. I did that several times and at least noticed it early enough to move it. Otherwise you get into big trouble.

Then he led the 5.9 pitch. Moderate climber...huh. I followed and it was very challenging - ie, I almost fell a couple times, and no way in hell will I lead it any time soon!

We then went down and set up a toprope to climb a 5.10c and 5.10d, both cracks also. I was excited to try them, as I don't think I've ever climbed something that hard (crack-wise). And I made it up both! With many falls, and swearing, but no pulling me up. It was great. Despite the fact that the rock is polished from so many people being on it over the years, including people who slip and slide on it because it's way too hard for their level, my foot stuck on many things that I didn't think it would stick on. Good lessons...

Thankfully he was also tired, so we walked to the next location with a stop at the deli and for lunch. Because we used all his gear, I had no pack so just had everything on me and carried his rack. So, I was the epitome of a rock climber. And felt like one of those people who work at Jamestown or Plymouth - dress up in period costumes and provide a glimpse into people's lives. A number of people stopped and asked questions of me... it was funny...

The next place we tried was full of mosquitoes, so that was a no go for me. And then we went to another area that he had never been to despite the fact that he's climbed there for 10-15 years and we did a few climbs.

Rock climbing is great because for the most part people are great. And he was great. So, had a good day.

The next day I was sore, but I had promised to take my friend and their two kids climbing, so that was good. I set up a toprope in a shady area and we did a few. They appreciated it and I appreciated the break!

This is about the point she got scared...but she did a great job overall...


silly rabbit said...

LOL- I thought at first that was your driveway and it was going to be a home improvement post!
Sounds exciting and fun! How great there's a site where you can hook up with good people for a day's climb.
That way you don't miss out when M is busy.
Love the pic of the baby climbing... as a kid I would have done it without thinking. Now that I'm a full grown chicken, I just like to watch others. Get 'em going young!

laura b. said...

It is very cool that you can find other climbers like that. Sounds like you had a great challenge with this rather high moderate guy :-)
Cute picture of the little climber!

Mel said...

What a good day of it!

Oh, and what a brave kiddo.
Putting the gear on alone would frighten me. LOLOL

Churlita said...

My daughter would have loved that when she was little. Sounds like a good day of climbing.