Wednesday, June 22, 2011

It's all about me

Now, it is all about me. I need to vent. And some may roll your eyes or even be pissed. Oh well, sorry. I need to write it to move forward.

When I lived back east I had the life. I really did. With respect to exercise. I biked to work almost every day. I had to go to the gym to shower, so I worked out a little bit almost every day. I rock climbed at least twice a week. So it was easy to stay in shape.

I've mentioned this before, but need to mention it again. It's harder here. I work at home. I do rock climb and do some exercise every day, but it's not enough for an almost 45 year old woman who has taken to really stress eating. Who lives with a guy who keeps cookies and chocolate around, and eats a lot of white bread and pasta. Who doesn't exercise, though always talks about how he should. Who likes to eat out.

My face has fat. I feel it and I hate it. I make a fish face and it doesn't look like a fish face. My stomach can no longer be sucked in all the way. I don't want to settle for what I have because everyone has it in their middle age.

Yeah yeah...Do something about it. Right now my doing something about it is to eat to make myself feel better. Or wanting to eat very very little and take caffeine to stave off appetite to get rid of it. Neither of these is the right approach. I need a regimen and have to put that together.

Sorry, had to vent.


laura b. said...
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silly rabbit said...

Vent away! You have my sincere sympathy. Its hard when others around you do not get that part and bring in all sorts of goodies.

laura b. said...

I'm sorry you are feeling unhealthy lately. You've undergone a pretty major life change with the move across country and I think I can understand how that would change your routines and your comfort seeking behaviors.
I hope you're able to do what you need to do for yourself soon...feel better :)

Tara said...

You know you can vent with us! It is difficult when stress gets in the way of motivation.

I know I should be walking more and eating better, but food and relaxing (especially with the heat and humidity we've been experiencing) sound better at the moment.

Churlita said...

The Guy loves to eat out all the time too. It makes it very hard to stay in any kind of shape...Even with as much as I run and bike.