Thursday, June 2, 2011

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Mel left a comment there, and I agree that the quote is very true some of the time. But as a caveat, I think sometimes it being forced upon you causes you to at least think about it - think about ways in which you can change. You can't change until you are ready, but you can be led.


laura b. said...

Interesting discussion. I tend to struggle against definitive - If you haven't done something like this, then it isn't legitimate.

Sometimes change is forced upon you. That surely isn't ideal, but it is still change. And as you mentioned NoR, you are at least also forced to think about your behaviors in a new way.

Ananda girl said...

I'm not sure that I agree with the quote. Experience is a teacher and a good student learns from mistakes. Change is growth! I'm not sure that it matters what feeds the seed and causes it to grow at all. Its the outcome that matters most.
Great subject for thought!

Mel said...

Well.....I like to 'think' about change a lot--and do nothing different, 'cept think about it.

Nothing happens until something happens.
Seriously, I had all sorts of folks 'leading' me in the direction of change, offering help, trying to be a resource--and I had all the information of how to do different......and didn't.

Lead me to water--fat chance I'm gonna drink EVEN if I hear you tell me it's good for me.

That's just me, NoR.
I'm a hard sell for change.
I know folks who had easier awakenings and got up and did different when someone was simply called to their attention.
Nosuchluck with me.

I'm a pisser, I am. LOL