Sunday, April 15, 2012


I got to see part of the 1968 movie with Steve McQueen - Bullitt. M said that it's famous for the car chase scene. I had to go to bed early but I got to see the scene through the streets of San Francisco. My god... really well done. Shot in part from the back seat of the cars, so it was like riding a roller coaster over the hills. Very cool. It was interesting to watch the scene because there was no dramatic music; in fact, no music at all during the scene. And the two people in the car being chased did not talk at all. So dramatically different than today.

It was funny to recognize some of the locations. I googled where he lived, and Clay/Taylor still has a shop on that corner, though not the same one.

I'll have to watch the whole movie.


Mel said...

Oh gosh....we watched a clip from Bullit months back on some documentary about car chases. You're right.....whole different 'drama' happens today.

laura b. said...

Add that to the long list of classic movies I haven't seen. I always get a little excited when I recognize locations in movies :)

silly rabbit said...

I love that movie! I've seen it a bizillion times. It is fun to see places that you know isn't it? And it really was well done. Steve McQueen was my favorite actor for many, many years. Still on my long list of favorites.