Thursday, April 5, 2012

Funny how it is

When I'm at work, I can't blog. And when I'm home, I spend my time on the computer searching for jobs. I have to take time out! For me... of course.


Asked a guy this morning how he was.
"Wonderful!" he said.
Why, I asked.
"Because I have a job. And I woke up today."
A great lesson learned for me. Actually one I know, but don't practice often enough.

In the bathroom at work, I wondered about the potential spoof of Game of Thrones. Something obviously based on toilets.

Then I wondered about whether Peter Dinklage ever gets asked to stand up straight.

---------It must have been the caffeine. I was up late last night applying for a job that was posted yesterday which I HAD to get in to have any chance at all, which is still slim considering that they likely already have a person in mind (I think in this case I'm being realistic vs. pessimistic).

I met a German guy at a Stammtisch a few weeks ago, and sent him some job search stuff, and he never thanked me. That is no way to get someone to help you in the future. But I sent him something more anyway. And he still did not thank me. I have very little desire to have coffee with him. We'll see. And NO, I am not seeking out the next man in my life and NO I don't want that to be the step to finding the man I REALLY want because that's how it works. No no no no.... And besides, he's of Turkish descent, and of all the races in the world, the one I am least likely to date is Indian/Turkish. Nope. Don't ask me why, it just is. In case you care.

I have two more graves scheduled, and slow am slowly ticking away at the 13 required ones. I really do like doing them.

My mom is back at her usual location, as of today. Which is great.

I heard on the radio that a bicyclist hit a pedestrian in SF this week, and the pedestrian died. How horrible! And, they are wondering if he should be charged (he ran a stop sign). I think yes!

Windy has stormy eyes.


silly rabbit said...

They flash at the sound of lies!

No no no no! lol Good for you. No sense rushing into any relationship. This guy... the not thankful one is a loser in my book. How rude!

I am getting so exhausted with these applications that ask me in ten different ways for thirty minutes if I have ever stolen, seen anyone else steal or if I think it is ok to steal from the company.

I'm curious about your version of Game of Thrones. =;)

Glad your mom is back in her familiar place.

Mel said...

Then life is going on regardless, eh? (that's been known to happen......) In the meantime, it would appear that you've kept yourself occupied quite well! Good thing to do--saves one from thinking too much. (sometimes......)

laura b. said...

I like this glimpse into the inner workings of the mind of NoRegrets :)
I also think that ungrateful guy sounds like someone to disregard in the future. And you do seem more optimistic and realistic, rather than pessimistic. Yay!