Monday, April 16, 2012


Humina humina...

Thursday evening I went to see a preview of a movie coming out this summer. The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. It's definitely not aimed towards the younger set... But it's really well done. Lots of good stories and good acting. Judi Dench is amazing always. The one problem I had with it is that the story is too easily understood. That's a horrible way of saying it. Um, I guess I didn't get lost in the story, get lost with the characters. I could step back and analyze as it went along, and knew certain elements were going to come. So predictable I guess. But, still it was good.

I went with a woman I have gotten to know since meeting at a networking event. She lives a very different life than me, but we get along really well in terms of what we find funny and some of the approaches to life. We passed a friend milestone since she told me about a date she had gone on. Woo hoo!

M has offered to cosign on the place here if I rent here. Thing is, I only have that option really. Who else would trust that setup than a landlord who knows us and him? It would mean I would have to live with someone - not my ideal. But hey, moving out of California is not my ideal either, and living with someone is better than moving away, I think.

Speaking of which, I heard on the radio a guy co-signed on a car loan for a new car with his girlfriend of 2 months. They broke up 3 months later, and now she's not paying the payments. So, he's screwed. The radio personality asked if he had told anyone, and he had told one friend. The friend literally slapped him. I didn't wait until the end and resolution, because the radio guy was going to call the woman up and get her on the air, for on=air drama, which I wasn't interested in.

I just made a 'sauce' with leeks, orange juice, and rosemary. It was interesting! I think I would do it again... Had it with chicken.

I finished my taxes and it pretty much evened out - I owe the Feds, and get money back from California. Whew. I spent $6772 on health insurance alone last year. Yeha!

I just remembered Antiques Roadshow is on - and I'm using M's computer, so I can sit on the couch and type and watch it. Woo hoo!


silly rabbit said...

We watch Antiques Road Show too.

One of the things I miss about Cali is the tax refund. I always got something back.

That's great that you found a friend. I hear what you are saying about predictable story lines, even if its a good story. I must admit that the title has my interest.

I have a similar orange juice sauce that I use too that also has cranberry sauce in it. An interesting blend of flavors!

laura b. said...

I agree with Silly Rabbit...the title alone has me curious about the movie. Glad you were able to go with someone simpatico.
I have only lived in a roommate situation once, when I first moved out of the family home after high school. It was fun then. But now I know quite a few people of my age (old!) who have roommates as well. It is a valid option!