Tuesday, April 10, 2012


So, I got to fly the plane through the Bay, around Angel Island, over the Golden Gate Bridge. !!! How many years have I known him and I never asked to fly. I finally did, and I did. OK, yeah, well, the very simplified version - tilt wings and turn (so feet and hands). Oh boy was it tiring! And also because there's no flight tracking over the bay, so it's every plane for itself. Two were very close, and one M played combat fighter with for a few seconds (chased it down) after he took the plane completely over which did not do wonders for my stomach.

So, maybe I'll have one more flight with him, and can try some more.


laura b. said...

Every plane for itself, eh? That sounds a bit scary, but I am so impressed that you got to fly!

Mel said...

Wow.........how cool is that?! :-)

silly rabbit said...

You got to fly the plane? That is so fantastic! My dad took me out when I was a kid and I got to hold the steering for a few minutes, but wow... I didn't ever come close to flying a plane. Very cool indeed!